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1.1  Before requesting a service offered electronically, customers should make sure that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions. If customer does not understand Terms and Conditions, we strongly recommend contacting our Customer Support Service, available via email address or via telephone numbers indicated in Contact section. The website is translated into several languages. The official version of the website are in English. In case of discrepancy between the original and translated versions,  English version will be considered as relevant.


1.2  Transfer implies the transport of at least one passenger from the pickup point to the drop-off point of a journey. Pick-up point of a transfer can be a terminal - air, marine, railway or bus.  The second point of transfer should be one of the destinations from our list, with an exact address. If the pick up location is not listed in our booking system, client is supposed to made a custom transfer request (see chapter 6). Custom transfer request is subject of special terms and conditions that will be submitted to customers along with the offer.


1.3  Journey can be One-way, Return and per hour.


1.4  After entering into a contractual obligation with Jam Transfer, we will handle all necessary formalities to arrange the transfer service. Such contract will be considered confirmed once the transfer service supplier accepts the transfer request and notifies  Jam Transfer customer by an email confirmation.




2.1  Jam Transfer offers services as an agent for contracting of private transfers for an individual or groups, through its website.


2.2  The only Jam Transfers responsibility is as a mediator for the parties concerned - customers (hereinafter referred as passenger, client or customer) and suppliers (hereinafter referred to as a driver, transfer service supplier or supplier).




3.1  Private transfer:
Private transfers can be provided with following vehicles: sedan, minivan, minibus and bus.
Transfer prices are per vehicle.


3.2  Shared transfer:
Unlimited number of passengers. Type of a transfer service from the airport to a predefined destination and vice versa. Transfer prices are per person.


3.3  Airport Shuttle Bus Transfer
Unlimited number of passengers. Transfer prices are per person. Transfer from the airport to the city center or vice versa.






Vehicle: up to 9 years old vehicle, any vehicle model, clean & safe
Equipment: air condition, audio
Driver: neat & polite
Service: meet & great, help with luggage, music on request


Vehicle: up to 5 years old vehicle,middle/high class vehicle model, clean & safe
Equipment: air condition, audio
Driver: neat & polite, English speaking driver
Service: meet & great, help with luggage, music on request


First class:
Vehicle: up to 3 years old vehicle,middle/high class vehicle model, clean & safe
Equipment: air condition, audio, leather or high quality seat, free WiFI,
Driver: neat & polite, English speaking driver, suite and tie
Service:  meet & great, help with luggage, music on request, bottle of water, snacks or chocolates or candies, daily news or magazines, umbrella in case of snow.




5.1   A person who makes a reservation must be over 18 and have a valid credit / debit card.


5.2  Reservation is supposed to be made at least 48 hours before the time of the transfer. As an exception, transfer can be booked in less than 48 hours, through custom transfer request, special terms and conditions will be applied. (see chapter 6.)


5.3 Transfer is supposed to be booked online, by filling all the necessary details.


5.4  A person who enters the data is responsible for their validity. Jam Transfer holds no responsibility for incorrectly entered or wrong information.


5.5  A person who enters the data in front of the group accepts the Terms and Conditions in the name of the group.


5.6  People with special needs such as disabled people with wheelchairs are obligated to specify that in a reservation form in order to ensure appropriate vehicle. In this case a price may be higher.
5.7 Booking is completed when a customer receives an email confirmation with reservation code. A Customer is obligated to check all data provided in the confirmation. If any irregularities are noticed on the received confirmation, customer must inform the Customer Service in written form, by sending an email. Please note that successful booking does not mean confirmed reservation.


5.8  Reservation is confirmed and legally binding when customer receives drivers confirmation with necessary details, only then reservation will be considered as valid. If a reservation is not accepted and the payment is completed, the full amount will be returned within 30 days.




6.1  Custom transfer request can be used, if customer is unable to book a transfer service online directly.


6.2  Custom transfer request refers to a request for a special transfer service that should be sent by email in written form, directly to the Customer Support Service.


6.3  Custom transfer request can be subjected to special terms and conditions that will be submitted to customers along with the offer.




7.1  Each passenger is permitted to bring the standard suitcase 158 cm (the sum of the length, height and width) or travel bag, and one piece of hand luggage (total of two pieces of luggage). Luggage must be properly marked with the name and surname of a passenger.


7.2   Additional luggage is extra charged, prices are listed in a booking form. Customer is required to provide accurate information about the additional luggage on the booking form.


7.3  The Driver is not obligated to transport any luggage that was not declared in the reservation if there is not enough room in the vehicle.


7.4  The driver is not responsible for the content of the luggage. Neither transfer service supplier nor any of its contracted or subcontracted drivers will accept responsibility for loss or damage of the luggage. Clients are responsible for ensuring that their luggage is loaded/unloaded at all times, if accompanying the luggage on the journey.


7.5  It is highly recommended not to transport fragile or valuable objects (jewellery, money, precious metals, valuable documents, etc.) as they might be damaged during the transfer service.


7.6 In the case of luggage damage or loss, Jam Transfer can not be held liable under any circumstances, as the transport of luggage and other personal items is done solely to the customer’s risk. Such type of risk should be covered by private insurance purchased by the customer before departure.




8.1  Children under 12 cannot use our service unless they are accompanied by an adult. Children from 12 to 18 years must have a written permission of a parent.


8.2  When the customer is travelling with minors, Jam Transfer must be informed about it and if necessary, they must be transferred using a child / baby seat, as regulated by laws of the country in which the service is provided.


8.3 Seats for infants are extra charged (baby (0-1 year old), child (1-5 year old), booster (5-12 year old))  Since the children’s seat takes up one seating place in a vehicle, the child counts as an adult passenger


8.4 When the service is provided with minibus/bus, there is no possibility of adding child/baby/booster seat.


8.5 If Jam Transfer is unable to provide the requested seats, the customer will receive refund for seats which are not provided.




9.1  During the booking process, as well as after the provided service, only e-mails are considered to be a valid form of communication.


9.2  Accuracy of provided data is of crucial importance for a contracted transfer, especially correct email address and available contact phone.


9.3  Customer is required to contact  the driver or Jam Transfer Customer Service if there is any problem that prevents him/her to arrive to the meeting point.




10.1  The standard payment method is in cash directly to the driver, unless a different form of payment was agreed in advance and confirmed in written form after the booking is made.


10.2  Only the driver can receive cash payment for booked transfers. Other acceptable payment methods are 1. Credit card 2. Bank transfer


10.3  All payment methods except cash payment may be a subject to additional transaction costs (banking costs, online commission costs).




11.1 Airport transfers
After landing customer has 20 minutes for luggage collection. If after 20 minutes  customer is not at the meeting point, he is supposed to contact the driver.
Driver is obligated to wait for maximum 60 minutes (just in case of flight delays, all other reasons include contacting phone number). Waiting longer than 60 minutes will be considered as an additional cost for the driver, which will be charged on the spot.
Driver is supposed to wait for the customer at meeting point, with a board with customer’s name on it.
Customer is required to show booking confirmation to the driver before boarding a vehicle, along with a valid document that proves customer’s identity (identity card, passport, driving licence). The voucher can be printed out or presented to the supplier on some digital device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop).


11.2 If the customer is not able to find a driver at the agreed spot, the customer must contact our Call Center emergency phone number provided in the booking confirmation or driver directly on the phone number provided on the drivers confirmation. In the case of a dispute, a record of phone calls provided by Jam Transfer telephone service supplier shall be used as a proof.


11.3 If the driver is unable to access the indicated pick up address, customer must come to the closest possible accessible location. In such a case transfer costs will remain the same and there will be no partial or total reimbursement.


11.4 Other transfers
This type of the transfer is used in situations when starting or ending point of transfer is not an airport, but any other address in city, village, resort ect.
The driver is supposed to wait for the client on agreed address, maximum 10 minutes after pick-up time.


11.5 Combined transfers
Combined transfers involve a combination of the following types of transportation: vehicle, ferry, water taxi, airplane ect.
Prices include both means on transportation.
When transfer includes ride from the airport to the island, it will be provided with one vehicle from the airport to the ferry port and with the ferry to the island. When the passenger arrives to the island, he will be transported with another vehicle to the final drop-off address.
In situation when the customer require one car from the airport to the address on island, price of the transfer will increase.




12.1  In the event of delays caused by force majeure or other unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic jams, flight delays, extremely poor weather conditions, floods, storms, fires or any other accidents caused by third parties, neither Jam Transfer nor the driver can be held liable. In such events, the predefined transfer route may change, as well as travelling time. Jam Transfer shall implement the necessary measures to ensure that pick-up times remain unchanged, however they cannot be fully guaranteed.




13.1  Any changes regarding the booked transfer must be sent in written form by email to info@taxiniceairport.com. For all changes made in less than 24 hours before the scheduled transfer you must contact Customer Service and wait for further instructions.


13.2 Each booking confirmation contains a reservation code must be entered in order to check the status of reservation, to change reservation dates or to cancel the reservation, and as a reference for further communication between Jam Transfer and a client.


13.3  All changes are subject of driver’s confirmation and availability. Both Jam Transfer and driver reserve the right to cancel the booking after the change is done if there is no possibility to accept requested change.


13.4  Customer may change reservation details at any time. Administrative fees are as follow:
- Every client is entitled to 2 free changes (up to 24 hours before the transfer), every succeeding changes may be charged EUR 10,00 administrative fee
- Changes made in less than 24 hours before the transfer, can be charged EUR 30,00 administrative fee
- Changes made in less than 24 hours can result in total price change.


13.5  If the price of new transfer is higher than the amount paid, customer will be charged for the difference. If the price of the new transfer is lower than the amount paid, the difference will be refunded..


13.6  Cancellation of the transfer is subject to special rules:
- if  transfer is cancelled 48 hours or more before the agreed date / time of transfer, Jam Transfer will return the amount paid.
- if transfer is cancelled 47 hours and 59 minutes or less before the agreed time of transfer, Jam Group d.o.o. will not return the amount paid at all.


13.7  If the amount paid is less than the total amount of the booked transfer and the transfer was canceled less than 47 hours 59 minutes before the transfer, Jam Group d.o.o. can charge customer’s credit card for the total amount of the booked transfer.


13.8  In case of no-show (client did not show up for a scheduled transfer at scheduled time) Jam Transfer reserves the right to charge the total amount of the booked transfer.


13.9  If the amount paid is less than the total amount of the booked transfer, in the case of no-show, Jam Transfer can charge total amount of the booked transfer.


13.10  Refunds are conducted strictly through Visa, Master, Amex payment methods, meaning that the Bank will refund customer s account upon Company s request.
Be informed that client will bear the cost of refund that amounts 3% from the transfer charge.


13.11  The following changes are subject to additional payments on the spot and paid in cash:
-  excess baggage which is not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions
-  special luggage not mentioned in the booking: skis, golf bags, musical instruments, baby stroller, pets, etc.
-  extra passengers, if the customer did not inform Jam Transfer about the change
-  changes caused due to unforeseen circumstances affecting the change of route and travel time: snowdrifts, floods, landslides, earthquakes and other natural disasters, traffic jams, etc.
-  unplanned stops during the transfer
-  additional pick-up or drop-off address not mentioned in the booking




14.1  All vehicles that are used for transfers are licensed and ensured in accordance with the laws of the country or countries where the transfer is implemented.


14.2  A passenger under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances won’t be allowed to enter a vehicle and will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid.


14.3  A passenger whose behavior endangers the safety of driver, other passengers or other participants in traffic will be removed from the vehicle, and reported to local police department.


14.4  Smoking, consuming food and beverages, alcohol or drugs in the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Exceptions to this policy are water and soft drinks in bottles. Everything else has to be approved by the driver.


14.5  Jam Transfer is not responsible for any compensation in case of injury, disease or death during the transfer. Any compensation in these cases will be addressed to transfer provider and will be subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the state where the service was provided.




15.1 The liability for the booked transfer is restricted solely to those parties who entered into a contractual obligation, which are the customer and the transfer service supplier. Jam Transfer acts only as an agent and its liabilities are only as an intermediator between the customer and transfer service supplier.


15.2  Any liabilities arising from the provided transfer service shall be the exclusive liability of the supplier and supplier’s respective insurance company.


15.3  Jam Transfer is not responsible for any event that may occur while providing services, such as illness, injuries or death, unless it was caused by Jam Transfer’s negligence. In the case of such events, any reimbursement must be addressed directly to the service supplier and shall be subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the country in which the service is provided.


15.4  Jam Transfer will be exempted from liability in situations when the customer enters into a contractual obligation directly with the transfer service supplier.


15.5  Jam Transfer cannot guarantee that the information on our website is completely accurate and reliable, as it may be violated and corrupted by unauthorized access, change or destruction caused by individuals or computer viruses.


15.6. During the winter season, due to a weather conditions routes can be changed. If the changed route include traveling through the tunnels, price of the transfer will be raised. Jam Transfer will not be responsible for the changed price.


15.7. Time of the transfer advised for each route is considered as time of the travel in perfect conditions (without traffic jam, bad weather conditions...)


15.8.  In the case of any noticed errors Jam Transfer will make necessary efforts to amend irregularities in the shortest possible time. If such errors should lead to incorrect prices, Jam Transfer reserves the right to cancel the booking without offering compensation or any alternative solution to the customer.


15.9.  Transfer service supplier is required to perform all the services responsibly and professionally, in accordance with the laws of the country or countries where the transfer is implemented.


15.10.Transfer service supplier can have their rights and obligations partially or fully transferred to a third person or persons, according to his own choice and without prior notice.




16.1  In the event that the confirmed transfer has not been made, driver is required to refund the amount paid in full. The client is required to obtain and to expose evidences in support of its claims. Complaints must be submitted within 48 hours in written form. Complaints without grounds or submitted after 48 hours will not be taken into consideration.


16.2  Jam Transfer is obligated to consider every complaint within 48 hours to 30 days.


16.3  If the client is entitled to a refund, the driver is obligated to repay the amount within 30 days.


16.4  All issues will be attempted to be resolved by an agreement out of court.


16.5  All the disputes will be presented before the Court in Split, Croatia, EU.


16.6. Jam Transfer will not consider any verbal agreement between client and driver. Verbal agreements must subsequently be confirmed in written form (e-mail, fax), otherwise will be considered as invalid.


16.7  Driver can not guarantee the exact travel time of the transfer. All data regarding travel times are just an estimate.


16.8  In case that selected type of vehicle is not available for any reason, driver can provide the transfer using another appropriate vehicle.



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